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About me

My name is Jon and I'm a whore for photography. I shoot mostly portraits and cosplay. If you'd like to contact me, click here.

Some of my favorite shots are displayed below. To see all of my photos online, including convention coverage, click through to my flickr using these links:

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You can also follow me on Link to my Instagram Instagram and Facebook:

Holding my card?

If you got my card, I probably saw you at an event and I may have a photo of you. Contact me to see if I have anything—not everything I shoot makes it online! I'm happy to send you full-sized copies. Feel free to make your own prints or upload to your own site. Links and credit are appreciated!

Want to shoot?

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you have an idea for a shoot with me, let me know! All levels of experience are welcome.

I will also consider TF* shoots if you're looking to build your portfolio.

Harley Quinn - Viewed 1311 times
Poison Ivy - Viewed 1195 times
Saeko Busujima - Viewed 1128 times
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil - Viewed 1313 times
Lucy from Elfen Lied - Viewed 1256 times
Rider from Fate/Stay - Viewed 1193 times
Tuny, San Diego - Viewed 2697 times
Luna - Viewed 3120 times
Amy - Viewed 2291 times
Miss Claw - Viewed 5181 times
Mikailah - Viewed 2546 times
Morgan - Viewed 2430 times
Jimmy - Viewed 2566 times
Tuny, Lit - Viewed 2366 times
Jamie - Viewed 2467 times
Tuny, Beverly Hills Alley - Viewed 2582 times
Tuny, Little Tokyo Japanese Garden - Viewed 2855 times